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1984. The rebellious, 17-year-old, punked-out Ulli and her promiscuous devil-may-care friend Edi set out for a wild hitchhiking trip across Italy. Based on the graphic novel of the same title by Ulli Lust.

WRITTEN BY ⎪ Roland Hablesreiter, Ulli Lust (graphic novel)

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The New York Times on the original graphic novel:
... the book ripples with exuberance: she convincingly evokes her teenage feelings of fury and joy, and the small details of the way she experienced unfamiliar places for the first time. 

The Washington Post
As one of his final import gifts to the English-speaking-world, (...) Kim Thompson (R.I.P.) delivered a translation of this epic Austrian memoir. Winner of the 2013 Ignatz Award, it traces Lust's bracing, reality-laid-bare mid-'80s Italian trip as a penniless, punked-out Viennese teen trekking from Rome's Spanish Steps to some very dark corners of the cultural sould. Striking in its lack of reflective judgment or moralistic resolution, the book leaves the reader with the pure fluid exuberance and tested mettle of woman a gritty dharma bum. 

Lust's desire to experience real life and to learn things beyond books is by turns uplifting and painful, funny and frightening---and will probably make any stunt you pulled as a teenager look timid by comparison. (...) The result is a modern coming-of-age story that addresses the thrills and consequences of being young, idealistic, and more than a little lucky.