Tatort "Unten"

Harald Krassnitzer and Adele Neuhauser in Daniel Prochaskas ORF "Tatort" debut. 

"Tatort" is a German language television series that has been running continuously since 1970, which makes it the longest-running German TV drama. Every episode features different detectives of a different city trying to solve a murder case.

TV-Series | Episode 1149


DIRECTED BY | Daniel Prochaska
WRITTEN BY | Thomas Christian Eichtinger & Samuel Schultschik 
SCRIPT CONSULTING | Roland Hablesreiter
D.O.P. | André Mayerhofer
EDITED BY | Alarich Lenz

CAST⎪Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Thomas Stipsits, Hubert Kramar, Günter Franzmeier, Michael Pink, Jutta Fastian, Maya Unger, Michael Steinocher, Sabrina Reiter, Finn Reiter, Inge Maux 

PRODUCED BY | Superfilm / John Lüftner, David Schalko

Picture Credit: ORF/Superfilm/Philipp Brozsek