A clean film about dirty work – and why the act of cleaning tells us so much about the state of our patriarchic society.

Who cleans your apartment? You yourself? Are you a man or a woman? And do you like to clean? Cleaning is unpaid work. Whoever cleans, is on the bottom of society. Although there are men nowadays who love to cook and push the baby stroller, the cleaning male is still a rare phenomenon. 

Taking a closer look behind the dirty laundry, cleaning is more than just a banal everyday chore, but a social and political act whicht tells a lot about the status of our society and hardened hierarchies. 

The documentary feature "Cleanliness" will take us on an investigative and entertaining search for clues following the question: Why do women clean more than men? Without even getting paid. 

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WRITTEN BY ⎪ Sonja Stummerer, Martin Hablesreiter, Roland Hablesreiter
PHOTOS BY | Daisuke Akita, honey & bunny
PRODUCED BY ⎪ Roland Hablesreiter

based on the none-fiction book "Putzen: Eine Kulturtechnik", published by Böhlau Verlag and reviewed by German weekly Der Spiegel

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also featured in The New Yorker
Daisuke Akita Photography, 秋田大輔 写真家